Anti - Acne Gel (50gm)

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Anti Acne Gel is ideal for treating acne spots naturally. Its unique formula provides the powerful benefits in a clear gel form. This fast-acting Anti Acne Gel quickly clears breakouts with a maximum strength treatment that clears breakouts. The gel works quickly by penetrating deep inside the pore to unblock trapped dirt and oil.
Clear up acne on your face within a few days of use.
Anti Acne Gel has an exceptional formula of natural herbs and oils that combats bacteria and fungi, controls the secretion of oil, and eliminates dead cells.


Natural yet powerful gel that effectively treats acne without side effects.
Contains Tea Tree oil which is a natural antiseptic, bactericidal, fungicidal with anaesthetic qualities. It is very effective in treating skin problems.
Basil, as one of the key ingredient of this gel, stimulates sluggish and congested circulation of skin, thus making this gel an excellent cure for acne and minor skin infections.

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