Underarm Whitening Cream

Underarm Whitening Cream for Men

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Sanctus Underarm Whitening Cream for Men is a hard (not harsh) cream intended for the relatively hard male skin. The cream works by controlling the Melanin deposition by preventing the secretion of Melanin producing hormones such as Tyrosinase.

The cream is the safest for Underarm whitening/sensitive area whitening as it is Hydroquinone Free and has no other such harmful chemical. It controls the bad odour in the armpit area effectively in 99% cases if the hygiene is properly maintained. In addition, sweat control properties have been imparted to the all-encompassing formula. The cream is also suitable for the other sensitive areas such as Sides of Neck, Intimate Areas, knees, knuckles, elbows etc.

Things to Note
 Controls Bad odour
 Reduces dark spots
 Suits the rugged male skin
 Easy to use - No stain formulation

Direction for use : Apply a generous amount of the cream twice a day and massage gently into the desired area. The cream is super absorbent and leaves absolutely no stains. It is perfect for any weather/climate/temperature conditions. Touted as one of the best fairness creams, the cream is worth every rupee spent.

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