Underarm Whitening Cream

Intimate Lightening & Brightening Serum

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Intimate area whitening has been an impending concern for most men and women. The intimate areas of both – Men and women are the most delicate areas in the entire body and they deserve the most delicate care. Major delicate areas are: Genitals, scrotum, Vagina, Nipples and to some extent underarm area as well.

Sanctus Intimate Lightening Serum is equipped to correct the dark spots and hence make the skin look even toned. In addition, almost chemical-free formula helps to make the skin feel more soft and supple. The skin feels nurtured and moisturised from the deep cell levels.

Intimate skin lightening is even more pertinent as everyone is conscious of a flawless skin tone. Sanctus Intimate Lightening Serum is the most suitable for the sensitive intimate skin. The serum to be applied on the intimate areas should not have harsh chemicals such as Hydroquinone which are harmful if used in long term or higher percentage. Sanctus Intimate Lightening Serum is a formulation derived from Mulberry Extracts, Jojoba Oil, Orange Oil, Licorice Extracts and shea butter. All these ingredients together are capable of producing a lightening effect which is long-lasting and sustainable.

Things to Note
 Ensure the private areas are properly clean and proper hygiene is maintained.
 Keep the affected area free from perspiration/sweat
 Avoid using Razors for hair removal
 Use gentle exfoliators regularly for better results

Direction for use : The serum needs to be applied twice a day after properly cleaning the desired area. Also, ensure to remove any unwanted hairs from the desired areas before applying the serum for better results. Use the serum continuously, at least for a minimum of 6 weeks to see visible lightening.

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