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Anti - Acne Cream

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This viable skin lighting up recipe avoids melanin generation and enhances composition to draw out a brilliant gleam to the face. With general utilization of this cream, skin seems milder, even conditioned and glowing. This novel recipe has Anti-septic and recuperating properties of common home grown concentrates to clear Pimples and Skin ejections. Keeps Skin delicate and smooth. Skin feels agreeably smoother, clearer and milder
Anti-Acne Cream has antimicrobial, calming, wound-mending, cell reinforcement, astringent, emollient and alleviating properties, which act synergistically in the administration of skin break out. The cream likewise calms the consuming and tingling related with skin inflammation.


The cream quickens the recuperating of skin break out related sores and scars.
Has a cooling impact.

Direction for use : Subsequent to purging face and neck, apply Anti-Acne Cream on skin inflammation injuries and excited territories, until the point that the sores have totally mended.

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